Research Programmes

  • Elephant Conservation: Megaparks for Metapopulations
    This research initiative aims to develop novel solutions to manage and maintain southern Africa's elephant population. The initiative guides the implementation of ecological principals to ameliorate impact and conflict as well as allow populations to be limited by natural forces.

  • Coastal dune forest restoration
    In South Africa, coastal dune forests form an ecotype within the Maputaland centre of plant endemism. These forests are limited to the coastal dunes of north-eastern KwaZulu-Natal and have a long history of fragmentation through natural and human-induced disturbances. This provides us with an outdoor laboratory for research into the ecological processes that induce forest community development.

  • Maputaland Biodiversity Assessment: threats and opportunities
    This research program aims to inform decisions on conservation, wildlife management, and restoration without impinging on the livelihoods of people. The program is designed to conduct ecological research on forests of Maputaland and provide information on how different policies may influence the integrity of forest habitats in this region.