Track the movements of some of our collared elephants in Google Earth

Step 1

New to Google Earth?

Google Earth is free and allows you to explore any location on earth. You need to download Google Earth before you can view the animations of elephant movements.

View a tutorial on Google Earth.


Step 2

Already have Google Earth installed ...

Click on the links below to open and view animations of elephant movements in one of the following study areas:

Note: If these links (KML files*) do not open automatically in Google Earth, save them to your computer and then drag and drop them into the Google Earth window. The animation should start automatically by zooming into the selected area.


Step 3

To play the animation ...

Follow these instructions:

  • A timeline box should appear in the top-left corner of the Google Earth viewing window. Drag the left and right handles of this timeline slightly apart and drag the left handle just past the start line. This sets the number of days of movements you will see at once.

  • Click on the spanner icon in the timeline box. In the Date and Time options window that opens, drag the animation speed handle to Slower and click OK.

  • To interpret the animation, click on the animation title in the contents window of the Google Earth window.

  • Press the play button (second from left in the timeline box) to view the animation.

*What are KML files?

Our KML files contain the information that animates elephant movements. When you exit Google Earth, you will be told that you have unsaved items in your Temporary Places folder. If you wish to view our animations at a later stage, click yes.

For more information on KML files, visit Google's "What Is KML" page.